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GCN COVID-19 Relief Fund

GCN COVID-19 Relief Fund

Immediate Relief:

  • Distribution of everyday protective gear to health workers, security personnel and the general public.
    • Masks
    • Gloves
    • Sanitizer

  • Distribution of professional protective gear to health workers.
    • PPE's (Personal Protective Equipment)
    • N95 Masks

  • Distribution of food and water to communities/individuals affected by the lockdown.
Long-term pandemic tackling:

  • Upgrade and/or establish diagnostic laboratories to detect not only the COVID-19 virus, but also other diseases.

  • Upgrade and/or establish research laboratories to study not only the COVID-19 virus, but also other diseases, such as malaria, dengue and whatever else comes our way.

  • Distributing via...
    • GCN Secretariat
    • GCN Member Organizations
    • Partner Organizations
    • Volunteers

  • Collaborating with...
    • Government - Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Ministry of Health and Population, local municipalities.
    • Focus Groups/Chambers - Centre for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN), Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN), FNCCI, NBI, CNI.
    • GCN network - UN Agencies, private sector, etc.
    • Rotary - District 3292, Rotary Club of Patan West, other Rotary clubs.

How You Can Help

You can help by either getting involved through volunteering, or donating by making a financial contribution into the GCN COVID-19 Relief Fund.


If you are interested in volunteering, please email the Global Compact Nepal Secretariat at and let us know where you are located as well as what you can help with.


If you are based in Nepal, you can donate directly to our bank account:

    Century Bank
    Account Number: 008-0000-411CA
    Beneficiary: Global Compact Nepal

If you are outside of Nepal, you can donate online by credit card via our non-profit member organization, Hoste Hainse, which will pass the funds on to GCN without any overhead:


Like you, we are closely monitoring the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on everyone across the globe. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected. As always, the health, safety and well-being of our communities, networks and our employees is paramount. In a time of so much uncertainty, it is not easy to continue business-as-usual, but we would like to try and be effective in these times of need.

The Global Compact Nepal (GCN) Board has been active during the lockdown period in trying to identify and orchestrate COVID-19 related relief efforts in this time of uncertainty not only for our nation, but the entire world. We have been collaborating not only within our own network (UN agencies, private sector, etc.) but also other circles (government entities - Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), local municipalities, etc.; focus groups/chambers - Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN), FNCCI, NBI, etc.). We held our Q2 Board Meeting virtually online on Friday, April 3rd (we had postponed it due to the pandemic) and discussed quite a few relief efforts then. The Q2 Board Meeting led to the establishment of the GCN COVID-19 Relief Fund.

It looks like the pandemic is here to stay and while immediate relief is on a lot of people's minds, we also need to think about it long term, as we see it unfold over the next couple of months. Hence, the relief fund is not only for immediate relief, but also for long-term pandemic tackling solutions. Immediate relief initiatives include, but are not limited to, distribution of masks, gloves, and other protective equipment, as well as distribution of food and water where needed. Long-term pandemic tackling solutions include the upgrade and/or establishment of diagnostic as well as research laboratories to detect and research not only the COVID-19 virus, but also other diseases, such as malaria, dengue and whatever else comes our way.

Please watch this page for updates as they become available. We want to run this relief fund as transparently as possible.

If you have any questions, please email the Global Compact Nepal Secretariat at, call us at +977-1-5550700, or contact us via our Facebook page @

Running Log

Immediate Relief:

NOTE: As of this writing, the Government of Nepal has not been able to certify any protective equipment (masks, PPE's, etc.) made in Nepal. Because of this, we have been having to distribute protective equipment for feedback/trial first before actual distribution, unless distributed to non-healthcare personnel.

  1. 2020/04/07 : ESPA Nepal Groceries Distribution via Asterisk International Services (GCN Member).
  2. 2020/04/10 : 100 Polypropylene Mask Samples delivered to Patan Hospital (PAHS).
  3. 2020/04/10 : Cotton Mask samples collected from SABAH Nepal (GCN Member).
  4. 2020/04/10 : SABAH Mask samples distributed to doctors of the Rotary Club of Patan West for feedback/trial.
  5. 2020/04/10 : Production and distribution of Chlorine to pharmacies for sanitizing via Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA) (GCN Member).
  6. 2020/04/12 : Groceries Distribution to Muni Bihar in Bhaktapur via Asterisk International Services (GCN Member).
  7. 2020/04/13 : Distribution of food supplies to 50 students from Bajhang and Bajura + 20 other students who ran out of food/funds currently in dormitories at Tribhuvan University. [ Media Coverage ]
  8. 2020/04/14 : 2-layer and 3-layer Mask and PPE samples collected from SABAH Nepal (GCN Member).
  9. 2020/04/14 : 100 Polypropylene Mask Samples delivered to Patan Hospital (PAHS).
  10. 2020/04/14 : 100 Polypropylene Mask Samples delivered to Blue Cross Hospital (GCN Member).
  11. 2020/04/14 : SABAH 2-layer and 3-layer Mask and PPE samples distributed to doctors of Blue Cross Hospital (GCN Member) for feedback/trial.
  12. 2020/04/15 : Deployment of 5 portable COVID-19 testing units developed in collaboration with the National Innovation Center (Mahabir Pun) via Panchakanya (GCN Member).
  13. 2020/04/15 : 5,000 Medical Masks delivered to hospitals around Kathmandu, including Bir Hospital via Panchakanya (GCN Member).
  14. 2020/04/17 : 50 Polypropylene Masks handed out to security personnel in Lalitpur area.
  15. 2020/04/17 : NPR 1,00,000 donated to Chakrapath Maharajgunj Ward #3 via Laxmi Woodcraft (GCN Member).
  16. 2020/04/20 : NPR 5,00,000 donated to Tilottama Municipilaity Disaster Management Fund, Rupandehi via Panchakanya (GCN Member). [ Media Coverage ]
  17. 2020/04/20 : Snacks Distribution to children suffering from cerebral palsy in Bhaktapur via Asterisk International Services (GCN Member).
  18. 2020/05/03 : Distribution of food supplies to 140+ daily workers residing in Chapagaun & Sinamangal via Siris Youth Foundation (GCN Member).
  19. 2020/05/10 : Distribution of Shoe Covers to Teku Hospital.
  20. 2020/05/14 : 500 masks and 50 pieces of soap delivered to Musahar Basti, Saptari. GCN in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Patan West.

We are no longer focusing on immediate relief as we put more effort on our long-term pandemic tackling endeavours.

Long-term pandemic tackling:

NOTE: Conference calls and video conferences were held instead of in-person meetings during the pandemic to curb the spread of infection as well as be in compliance with the lockdown.

  1. 2020/03/30 : Video Conference with UN Agencies and Private Sector.
  2. 2020/04/02 : COVID-19 Relief efforts discussed at the Rotary Club of Patan West Weekly Meeting via Video Conference.
  3. 2020/04/03 : GCN COVID-19 Relief Fund established.
  4. 2020/04/05 : 1st Conference call with Blue Cross Hospital (BCH).
  5. 2020/04/05 : 1st Conference call with Biotechnology Society of Nepal (BSN).
  6. 2020/04/06 : 1st Video Conference with the Dr. Sameer Mani Dixit, Centre for Molecular Dynamics (CMDN) & National Task Force for COVID-19, Ministry of Health and Population.
  7. 2020/04/09 : 1st Conference call with Patan Hospital (PAHS).
  8. 2020/04/15 : 1st Conference call with Chemical & Medical Suppliers Association of Nepal (CHEMSON).
  9. 2020/04/19 : 1st Video Conference with Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) - Vice-Chancellor & Academicians.
  10. 2020/04/24 : 1st Video Conference with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) NNC (Nepal National Committee).
  11. 2020/05/14 : Concept shared with Rotary Club District 3292 DGE (District Governor Elect) who pledged support.
  12. 2020/05/15 : Conference call UN Global Compact Local Networks South Asia Region to share concept.
  13. 2020/06/16 : Nepal long-term pandemic tackling endeavours presented at United Nations Virtual Leaders Summit over South Asia Regional Session which Nepal co-hosted with Pakistan and Bangladesh. More info @

If you have any suggestions on where GCN can provide more support, please email the Global Compact Nepal Secretariat at

Additional Pledges

Thank you for your additional pledges into the GCN COVID-19 Relief Fund.


Pledged By



2020/04/07 Sulochana Shrestha-Shah, Founding President, GCN Lotus Holdings, Formation Carpets, Hoste Hainse 1,00,000.00
2020/04/08 Neeraj Nepali, Founding Member, GCN   10,000.00
2020/04/08 Narayan Krishna Kharel, Board Member, GCN Asterisk International Services 20,000.00
2020/04/09 Kritishma Karki, Board Member, GCN Danfe Works 30,000.00
2020/04/10 Nitisha Shrestha, Board Member, GCN Panchakanya 80,000.00
2020/04/21 Laxmi Sharma, Founding Board Member, GCN Laxmi Woodcraft 20,000.00
2020/04/27 Yogendra Chitrakar, Treasurer, GCN ECCA Nepal 10,000.00
2020/04/28 Samir Thapa, Vice-President, GCN Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management 35,000.00
2020/05/05 Sushil Bajracharya, Board Member, GCN Himalayan General Insurance 1,00,000.00
    TOTAL: 4,05,000.00


Guidelines from UN Agencies that industries across different sectors can implement to ensure that employees have safe working environments and flexible work arrangements to provide care for their children and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 2020-06_ILO-NBI_COVID19_Guidelines_Nepali.pdf
  • 2020-04_Childrens_Rights_and_Business_Principles_COVID-19.pdf
  • 2020-04_Seven_Ways_Employers_Can_Support_Working_Parents_COVID-19.pdf
  • 2020-04_Family-Friendly_Policies_COVID-19.pdf
  • 2020-04_Promoting_Positive_Gender_Roles_in_Marketing_and_Advertising_COVID-19.pdf

    • More guidelines in English.
    • More guidelines in Nepali.


Survey for Private Sector in the Context of COVID-19

More than ever the work of the private sector in providing a supportive environment to so many people is crucial. UNICEF is working with other UN agencies, partners and the Government to help prevent the spread of the virus among communities. In addition, we are sharing accurate information on how to keep families safe as well as guidelines for the private sector around family friendly policies and practices, Thank you for taking time to fill up the survey. Your responses are important to us as it will help us better prepare for our response to COVID-19 and our support to the private sector. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED IS CONFIDENTIAL.


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