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Events : 2021/06/15 Virtual Leaders Summit 2021 - Nepal Breakout Session

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Virtual Leaders Summit 2021 - Nepal Breakout Session

Virtual Leaders Summit 2021 - Nepal Breakout Session

Global Compact Nepal, the UNGC Local Network Nepal hosted a global breakout, the Nepal Breakout Session, at the Annual UNGC Leaders Summit, which was virtual in 2021 due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic.

ESG Funds and Sustainable FDI in Emerging Markets
Tuesday, June 15, 2021 | 22:45 - 23:30 New York
Wednesday, June 16, 2021 | 08:30 - 09:15 Kathmandu


  • Host a panel discussion on how South Asian countries, especially Nepal, can work towards the revival of their economy via ESG Funds in a post-pandemic climate.
  • Provide key insights into business navigation with Sustainable FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) during and post-pandemic times.
  • Share perspectives, from not only business, but also a development standpoint, on responsible investing to bring forth economic prosperity in South Asia, with a focus on Nepal.


This breakout session will be hosted by Global Compact Local Network Nepal.

As the letters C-S-R take a permanent foothold in business literature today, the sustainable spillover can also be seen in the financial markets with the letters E-S-G, especially emerging ones like in Nepal. Whether under the guise of "Impact Investment" or "Green Funds," the core idea is the same -- channel investment funds towards/into companies and/or organizations that have sustainable practices embedded into their core.

Nepal has begun to see Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) analysts as well as business advisors exploring the young yet full-of-potential investment landscape post-2020-pandemic exploring for potential ESG funding to be injected into the country. The emerging market that Nepal has to offer rivals none other as the country is strategically placed between two financial giants, India and China.

The session discusses sustainable investing strategies that investors, advisors and companies seeking investment parse through from not only business, but also a development lens. As ESG-minded business practices gain more traction, the United Nations Global Compact can play a pivotal role in vouching for legit players to advance the 2030 Agenda across multiple SDG's.


This session welcomes participants globally and regionally, including industry leaders, civil society organizations, development partners, and policy-makers.

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